Yasmine Cheyenne's Top Tools


Yasmine Cheyenne is a beautiful writer and spiritual teacher, and this week, she’s sharing her top tools for navigating life and self-healing.

Through her speaking, workbooks, and courses, Yasmine helps her students navigate the sometimes tougher parts of self-healing work and create their own self-healing practices. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she now resides in the Washington, D.C. area with her two daughters and her husband.

We first learned about Yasmine through her Instagram account (@yasminecheyenne) and we were so taken by her powerful words. We’ve shared a few of our favorites of Yasmine’s writing below — to see more, follow her on Instagram and visit her website to learn more.

We’re wishing you a beautiful week filled with joy, inner peace, clarity, and abundance. Enjoy Yasmine’s channel!

Source:  @yasminecheyenne  on Instagram

Source: @yasminecheyenne on Instagram

Source:  @yasminecheyenne  on Instagram

Source: @yasminecheyenne on Instagram

Source:  @yasminecheyenne  on Instagram

Source: @yasminecheyenne on Instagram

Source:  @yasminecheyenne  on Instagram

Source: @yasminecheyenne on Instagram

Courtney Henggeler on Motherhood, Her Top Tools, and the Lessons She's Learning


Courtney Henggeler stars as Amanda Larusso in the hit YouTube Red series Cobra Kai — the series surrounding the storyline of the Karate Kid and the return of Daniel Larusso. Courtney can also be seen in Mom and The Big Bang Theory. We spoke with Courtney about her top tools for life — here’s what she said!

We call Womaze your "toolbox for life" because we feature tools for mental health, self-care, relationships, body image, and more. What are some of your top tools for life?

There are a few things I need to do for myself to run efficiently and happily.  If I stray too far from doing the things I need to do, I start to get real squirrelly, and not in a good way. I need to exercise daily. I love pilates, but old school strength training is what really gets my brain straight. I need to do 20 minutes of meditation, which is usually the first thing out the window when my life gets too crazy. And it’s the first thing I’ll bring back when I know I’m entering “Squirellyland” (once again, probably isn’t a thing). I love wine a lot. Like, a lot.  But I’ve found that limiting my wine habit to the weekends only, helps me be more motivated and happier (go figure. Also, bummer).

And lastly, I limit my social media stalking to once a day. It’s real easy to go down that rabbit hole and before you know it, your sobbing to your husband wondering why YOU aren’t in Bora Bora, wearing Valentino and drinking unicorn tears. Or whatever else these influencers do these days.

How has motherhood changed your life?

It’s given me tangible gratitude. I look at these two adorable, insane children and I can’t believe I get to keep them. I’m so aware of how I speak to myself now because they observe and take in everything. I want to raise kind, confident children and you can’t do that if you’re constantly criticizing yourself.  Also, less drinking. Ever wake up with a hangover and a 2 year old? That’ll end your boozing days real fast.

Can you share some of your favorite self-care practices?

I wish I could say weekly massages, monthly facials and pedicures on the regular.  But at this point, if I can blow dry my hair in a presentable fashion these days, I call that a win. Meditation is up there too.

What lesson are you currently learning?

To let go of my own personal time table.  We live with 2 small children, a dog who thinks he’s a small child and 2 cats battling cancer.  I like things my way. I like to have my home look a certain way. I like to get to places on time, but that means nothing to the folks in my house.  So I’m trying to let go of the control I need in order to allow the mess to happen. By the way, I am NOT good at this, like, not even a little, but we keep trying.

What's one message that you think the world needs to hear?

Learning that life is about perspective.  Our views and experiences are just that; they’re ours.  To demand others feel and view things the same way is sort of silly.  And to go a step further, why not try looking at things from their perspective? We all filter things through our own unique lens.  Which is wonderful, but it is definitely not the only way.

Stay in touch with Courtney on Instagram (@courtneyhenggeler) and watch her on the on the YouTube Red series Cobra Kai!

Maris Degener's Top Tools


We are so inspired by this week’s guest curator, Maris Degener. In addition to being a a yoga teacher (she began practicing when she was 14 years old and began her teacher training at 15), Maris is a mental health advocate, writer, and UCSC student. Maris began practicing yoga as a method of healing from an eating disorder that took over her life as a a young teenager. Her story is beautifully told through a documentary called “I Am Maris,” which is available on Netflix. The film is a deeply moving, powerful story about self-acceptance, mental health, and healing.

Through teaching, Maris inspires her students to tune into their own inner strength and power. This week, Maris is teaching the Womaze community about the top tools that she uses to feel centered. In her channel, you can find the videos, articles, and quotes that have inspired and supported Maris.

Here are a few ways you can stay in touch with Maris and learn more about her work and story:

  • Follow Maris on Instagram (@yogamaris)

  • Visit her website (yogamaris.net)

  • Watch “I Am Maris,” the documentary about her healing journey on Netflix

We hope you connect with and learn from the tools Maris shared! Let’s keep the conversation going on Instagram (@womazepp) — see you there!

Community Spotlight: Kim Cronin

Photo courtesy of Kim Cronin

Photo courtesy of Kim Cronin

Our Womaze community inspires us every day, so we love highlighting the amazing women who are a part of it. Our first spotlight is on Kim Cronin, the founder of Trulytrueworld.com. We had the opportunity to meet Kim through a series of synchronistic events (while riding together in an elevator) and she is truly a beautiful example of what it means to Womaze. 

We loved interviewing Kim to hear about her top tools for life, and we hope our Womaze community enjoys getting to know Kim and her new clothing and accessories line, Trulytrueworld.com

What is one lesson you’re currently learning?

Kim Cronin: GRATITUDE. You simply cannot be angry and have gratitude simultaneously. When something upsets me, I try to find gratitude in the situation.  If I can’t, then I find gratitude elsewhere in my life. Gratitude is as simple as saying “thank you" and it spreads positive energy to the giver and the recipient. I try to remember to give thanks in the morning upon waking and at night before bed.

On Womaze we share a daily Push Motivation, a message to remind you that you are supported and guided. What is one of your favorite quotes or mantras? 

KC: I love the daily Womaze Push Motivations.  The message always seems to be what I need to hear. I've been known to forward certain ones to family members and friends. One of the most memorable Push Motivations is "Remember when you wanted what you currently have.” That just reinforces the belief that I can manifest anything! As I get older and wiser, I see that goals that I once thought were unattainable were achieved and there is really no limit! The only thing that limits me is my mindset.

What was the inspiration behind starting your company? 


KC: The inspiration to start my company, Trulytrueworld.com, began from the desire so many of us have: to make a difference in the world.  I couldn't help but notice that there was so much turmoil, negativity, and angry vibes in our current society.  It's a challenge to stay positive when our country is arguing with itself and others.  I thought, how can I spread a positive message that would be seen by a lot of people? That's when the idea of the t-shirts came into my mind.  A t-shirt is probably one of the most common pieces of clothing that is worn by all age groups.  I've worked with affirmations for years, so I began to imagine "what would happen if I put positive affirmation on a t-shirt that everyone would see as I walked about my day or I shared on social media? Could I make a difference? Could I put a smile on someone's face just because they wore a tee shirt that said the word SMILE?”

I am still growing and learning and my path is always changing, but for now I hope that I can inspire, spread love, peace, kindness and a smile to others by wearing a simply and positive message.  A message that affirms who I am.

What is one thing you’d tell your 17-year-old self? 

KC: I would tell my 17-year-old self: “don't sweat the small stuff, have more fun, and dance a lot!"

Who do you want to be known as?

KC: My ultimate goal is to be known as a humanitarian. Until that time, I do the best that I can to be a kind, caring, loving woman with pure motives, generosity and warmth.

What are some of your “top tools” for life?

KC: Like attracts like, so surround yourself with like-minded people. Put good energy out into the universe and you will receive good energy back.

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now? 

KC: "We all matter AND we can each make a difference!"

You can follow @trulytrueworld on both Instagram and facebook.

What It Means To Be An Elegant Warrior

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hansen

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen embodies what it means to be an Elegant Warrior. With over twenty-five years of experience as a medical malpractice trial attorney, Heather has been consistently named one of the top 50 female lawyers in Pennsylvania and has been an anchor on the popular legal trial streaming site, LawandCrime.com. As an esteemed voice in her field, she has appeared on CNN, CBS, MSNBC, and Fox News, and contributed to Global Grind, Thrive Global, and KevinMD. Heather has done pro bono work with the Support Center for Child Advocates.

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hansen

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hansen

Now, Heather is sharing the lessons she’s learned from the courtroom in her new book, The Elegant Warrior, and teaches readers how they can win life’s trials without losing themselves in the process. We spoke with Heather about some of her top tools for life — here’s what Heather had so say!

What are some of your “top tools” for life? 

Heather Hansen: 1) You always have a choice. No matter what the situation, you can choose how you will respond. You choose. Remembering this in times of trial reminds me that I have an impact on every situation, even if I don’t like the situation. I can choose my response. 2) The words “could be” are magic. Studies show when we use those two words, more possibilities become open to us. And “could be” allows me to see things in a different light. What I think is happening TO me, could be happening FOR me. It reminds me of Byron Katie’s first question in The Work." Is it true?” I ask myself “what else ‘could be’”? 3) You are a magnet. Take responsibility for what you attract. 

What does it mean to be an Elegant Warrior?

HH: The ability to be true to yourself, both who you are and who you feel destined to be, no matter what inner and outer wars you face. The Elegant Warrior works to maintain that elegance even when she has to advocate for herself, her ideas, her family or her business. 

How do you practice self-care while also hustling and following your passion?

HH: I believe self care begins with setting good boundaries, and that isn’t easy. I work on asking myself what is right for me in each situation before I agree to something that doesn’t work for me because I’ve acted too quickly or to appease someone. That is the hard part of self care. The rest is fun—the time with girlfriends, the monthly massages and the daily meditation are all part of it as well. 

What are some of your top tools for caring for your mental health?

HH: For as long as I can remember I have given myself the gift of an hour first thing in the morning. I get up, and before I look at the phone I journal at least a page, read at least a chapter and meditate for at least 10 minutes. Then the day can begin. 

If there’s one thing you could tell your past self, what would it be? 

HH: You are exactly where you’re meant to be. Often I was in a rush, or looking around wondering what I was supposed to be doing. I’d remind myself that the Universe has plans that work when mine don’t and to trust in the moment. 

What advice would you share with people who don’t know what they want in life and/or their career?

HH: Give it time. You are not a tree—if you don’t like a choice you make, you get to choose again. I believe we’re meant to have MANY jobs and MANY lives over the course of our one life, so there is always time to begin again. 

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hansen

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hansen

What’s a lesson you learned because of a “failure”? 

HH: I am not my successes or my failures. When I started trying cases and had a string of wins,  it was really easy to see myself as my wins. I was terrified of losing. When I lost my first case I was knackered. Then I realized that I was not the win or the loss. I was more than what I was doing, and I could always go back to what I was being. 

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now?

HH: Slow down and listen. We all have something important to say, but we’re often rushing about without being present. When we listen, with all of our senses, we can create connections that can change the world. 

What’s your favorite quote/saying? 

HH: Aerodynamically, a bumblebee should not be able to fly. However, the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so it goes on happily flying anyway. 

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hansen

Photo Courtesy of Heather Hansen

Meet Artist Susann Hoffmann!


What is the inspiration behind the piece of art?

Susann Hoffmann: ”More than numbers“ was actually the prompt of a “GoodType Tuesday,” {who partnered with @florifama and @aftrisletter, the artists and founders of the “More Than Numbers” initiative}. I loved the idea of reminding myself and other artists that the number of followers is just a number, but that the people and the community behind it is what matters. Making art isn't mainly about getting likes, comments or followers – even though that is nice, of course. It can be dangerous to focus too much on what the algorithm likes and what you think might be popular instead of doing the art that you want to be doing, no matter if it gets 10 or 10,000 likes. 

What are you passionate about?

SH: Lately I feel very passionate about our planet and our future on it. I try to be as conscious as possible concerning the consequences my behaviour has on the environment. I don't do things 100% correctly (probably not even 50% of what I could possibly do), but I try to really reduce my waste of plastic, my meat consumption, my means of transport etc and just be a little more aware of the little things. I'd say I'm equally passionate about reaching equal rights and possibilities for everybody. I try to be aware of representing a broad variety of characters in my work, especially in children's media, because I strongly believe that kids of all ethnicities, gender identities and body shapes need characters to identify with and need to see themselves represented.

What's one message you think the world needs to hear right now?

SH: I recently learned about the “Overview Effect,” which is the sensation astronauts describe who have seen Earth from space. You only see natural borders, not the man-made ones. I'd like to remind everyone that we are all humans, that in the end we're all the same, that borders exist only in our heads. We live in times where we see a lot of US and THEM thinking. Simply, and maybe naively said: I think the world needs more love and less hate.

To learn more about Susann and her work, visit her website at www.susannhoffmann.com and check out her Instagram (@susannhoffmann_illustration).

Nikki Reed's Top Tools


We’re kicking off Earth Day by having the incredible Nikki Reed guest curate! In addition to being an actor best known for her role as ‘Rosalie Hale’ in the Twilight saga, Nikki is an animal rights advocate and the founder of the socially conscious lifestyle company, BaYou With Love.

Photo Credit: Joe Perri

Photo Credit: Joe Perri

Founded in 2017, BaYou With Love company was born out of the lack of sustainable and natural options and supports local craftsmen, artisans and ethical factories.  In 2018, BaYou with Love collaborated with Dell to create The Circular Collection, a 14-18k gold jewelry collection from extracted gold pulled from old computer motherboards. The collection went on to be named a finalist as part of Fast Company’s 2018 Innovation by Design Awards.  The latest collection, released in winter 2018, is a collection of engagement rings, all made from 18 karat gold recycled from tech and cultivated diamonds grown in California and ethically mined sapphires.

In her channel, Nikki shares some of the tools that inspire her, as well as some additional favorites (see below!).


Nikki Reed: “I love Elizabeth’s approach to her craft and the beauty and intention behind what she creates. 


NR: “My dearest friends, I like to call my brothers, who shepherd you through the most incredible journey of self discovery through the voice. It’s truly an unforgettable experience . . .”

A well traveled woman tumblr

NR: “The imagery is inspiring, visual poetry.”


NR: “I enjoy her perspective and photos.” 


NR: “She makes you feel like you are seeing the world through her eyes.”


NR: “For fashion trends and some of my favorite designers”


NR: “I’m Inspired daily by what we’re creating over at our company!”

Happy Earth Day (& week) everyone! We hope you enjoy Nikki’s top tools!

Shelley Zalis Is This Week's Curator!


We’ve admired this week’s guest curator for a long time, so we couldn’t be more excited to announce that Shelley Zalis, the founder and CEO of The Female Quotient, is sharing her top tools with Womaze! 

Known as the “chief troublemaker,” Shelley is a pioneer for online research, a movement leader, and a champion of gender equality. In addition to founding the Female Quotient, Shelley is a mother and an internationally renowned entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor.

As the CEO of The Female Quotient, Shelley works with Fortune 500 companies to advance gender equality across industries. The FQ’s signature pop-up experience, the FQ Lounge (formerly the Girls’ Lounge), brings a Home of Equality to major conferences, companies, and college campuses around the world. 

Shelley has interviewed influencers and leaders such as Katie Couric, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Arianna Huffington, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, and David Schwimmer. She also authors a Forbes column that provides advice for women in the messy middle (middle management). Shelley is the co-founder of #SeeHer, a movement led by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to increase the accurate portrayal of women and girls in advertising and media. Shelley is also on the Board of Directors for MAKERS, ColorComm and Dress for Success.

We’re so thrilled to share Shelley’s top tools for life with our community and to welcome her to the Womaze family! 

Aisha Dee's Top Tools


This week’s curator is the one and only Aisha Dee! Aisha stars in Freeform's hit show The Bold Type (the third season premieres April 9, so get excited!). The show centers around the lives of three best friends who work at Scarlet Magazine, a fictional global women’s publication. The Bold Type discusses critical issues like gender equality, body image, race, LGBTQ+ issues, and more. Aisha plays Kat: the bold, honest, and confident social media manager at Scarlet Magazine. Kat is committed to using her voice and making her mark on the world.

Aisha shared her top tools for life with our community this week — and WOW — they are all incredible. In her channel, you’ll find:

  • Ways to live a bold and creative life 

  • Game-changing tips to balance your hormones 

  • Solange Knowles’ letter to her teenage self 

  • A few of Aisha’s favorite quotes and mantras 

  • Music that inspires Aisha

  • And more!

Enjoy Aisha’s channel, and watch Aisha on The Bold Type — Season 3 Premieres this Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform!


Rebecca Field of A Star is Born Shares Some Words of Wisdom

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Field

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Field

Have you ever felt uncertain or insecure? Imagine if when you’re experiencing those emotions, you hear a kind voice that reassures you and guides you on the right path. All of a sudden, it all seems good — and any sense of doubt disappears. That voice of reassurance is exactly the role that actor Rebecca Field played as Gail in A Star is Born, alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Rebecca’s character Gail leads Ally, played by Lady Gaga, and her friend Ramon to exactly where she’s meant to be — Jackson Maine’s show. Just like her character Gail guided Ally, Rebecca guides us by sharing some powerful words of wisdom — here’s what she had to say!

What are some of your “top tools” for life?

Rebecca Field: Take care of you first. I always used to think self care was being selfish but I now know you are no good to anyone if you are not good first. You must fill your well to have anything to give to others.  

How do you practice self-care while also hustling and following your passion?  

RF: I try to exercise everyday, meditate, ask for help if I need a break!  I don’t always succeed but I am much more aware of it now so when I have neglected myself too long I know I have to get back on course. 

What are some of your top tools for caring for your mental health? 

RF: Therapy, writing in a journal, exercise, meditation, eating well, sleep, talking to my friends!

If there’s one thing you could tell your past self, what would it be? 

RF: Stop worrying about everything, what people think, what people say, what’s going to happen, just enjoy the moment and be yourself, you are enough!

What advice would you share with people who don’t know what they want in life and/or their career?  

RF: Try new things, do what brings you joy, you will figure it out in your own time. 

What’s a lesson you learned because of a “failure”? 

RF: That it’s just one moment, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Just know there’s always a lesson or blessing. 

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now? 

RF: Do the right thing. We can and will all be different but we must be willing to hear one another and fight for what’s right. We need more love and a string moral compass. 

What’s your favorite quote/saying? 

RF: Go big, or go home.

evolveHer Founder Alicia Driskill On Building a Company Designed to Support Women

Photo courtesy of Alicia Driskill

Photo courtesy of Alicia Driskill

Alicia Driskill supports women all day, every day. As the founder and CEO of evolveHer, a creative co-working space for women based in Chicago, empowering women is something Alicia has done for years. Prior to founding evolveHer, Alicia worked as the Vice President of Global Partnerships at WME | IMG, one of the world’s most innovative companies. She also served as a senior executive at Live Nation and People.com. In our interview with Alicia, we discuss how her passion for empowering women led to the creation of evolveHer, her top tools for building a successful career, tips for self-care, and so much more! 

What are some of your “top tools” for life? 

Alicia Driskill: #1: Reduce the noise. Everyone has an opinion about what you’re doing, but it's important to stay focused on what is important to YOU and follow your heart in pursuing YOUR goals. Surround yourself with people who empower you and lift you up versus distracting you from your goal.

#2 : The idea of “work-life balance” is total BS. I prefer to look at it as work-life integration because it’s impossible to separate them due to technology. As a mom, I am constantly pulled between work and family. After years of self-induced mom-guilt, I now like to think of my life as a pendulum with work on one side and family on the other. The goal is to hover around the middle, but some weeks I swing more to the work side — so I make sure to spend extra time with my family the following week. By looking at this broader picture instead of the isolated moment, I am able to be aware of the heavier weeks and balance them out with a little extra family time. 

What was your inspiration for creating evolveHer?

AD: I worked in entertainment & media for 17+ years. I loved what I did, but I was outsourcing my entire life and rarely seeing my family. I’ve always been a strong advocate for empowering women & girls, so I decided to evolve my career and focus the next chapter of my life on this mission. I consulted on women’s events for a couple of years and met a number of amazing women in the Chicago entrepreneur circuit. I was always energized by our discussions and wanted to create a space that brought women together from around the city to work, learn and grow. I built a space that supports women in all aspects of life and bridges the gap between corporate and entrepreneurs. We’re a year in and I couldn’t be more fulfilled. I continue to be inspired every day by the stories I hear, the women I meet and the collaborations that I see made at the space. 

How do you practice self-care while also hustling and following your passion?

AD: I have to be honest . . .this is SO hard for me. We’ve been up against a deadline for the past couple of months so I had to stop kickboxing which is something I LOVE. Now that wearetheglu.com launched, it’s time for me to get back to the gym. My goal for April is to commit to one kickboxing session a week and go for a brisk walk every day. I also try to get 7-8 hours of sleep as often as I can.

What are some of your top tools for caring for your mental health?

AD: Looking ahead at the week . . .I like to get everything organized on Sunday night for the week ahead so I go in on Monday with a plan. And I like to end the week by relaxing with the family. Every Friday night, we hang with the kids (five-year-old and an eight-year-old) during family movie, pizza & game night. It’s a relaxing way to end the week and decompress.

If there’s one thing you could tell your past self, what would it be? 

AD: You don’t have to be perfect! I call myself a “recovering perfectionist.” I always thought everything I did needed to be perfect before I put it out into the world. I was often paralyzed at work because I couldn’t get out of my own way and wanted to be the best of the best. I eventually cut myself some slack and learned the value of sharing my story and the value of sharing a project before finalized, which allowed me to grow and become more confident in who I am.

What advice would you share with people who don’t know what they want in life and/or their career?

AD: Allow yourself the space to explore and to change your mind. All of the experiences and jobs you explore help you to get to know yourself better and teach you skills that can be utilized later in life. Follow your gut, it never leads you astray.

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now?

AD: As you’re moving forward in your career, hold the door open for other women and pull them through. We are stronger together and can make a greater impact when we’re united vs competing.

What’s your favorite quote/saying? 

AD: “Actually, I Can.” 

To learn more about evolveHer, visit www.evolveher.community/en

Whitney Hawkins Goodman's Top Tools


This week’s guest curator is Whitney Hawkins Goodman — a licensed psychotherapist and owner of The Collaborative Counseling Center in Miami.

We first learned about Whitney through her incredible Instagram account, @sitwithwhit, and we knew she’d have amazing tools to share with the Womaze community (and we were absolutely right about that!).

Over the years, Whitney has worked with a variety of populations, including cancer patients and the chronically ill, couples recovering from affairs and addiction, people with anxiety or depression, and adults addicted to substances or in early recovery from addiction. She is also the founder of The Collaborative Counseling Center, which is Miami’s co-working space for mental health clinicians. The CCC provides clinicians with everything they need to run a vibrant private practice, from office space to marketing assistance.

We are so moved by the work Whitney does and by the tools she shares through social media. We hope the videos, articles, and quotes in Whitney’s channel help you and remind you that you are supported and guided.

The Box Every Woman Needs During Her Period

By Rebecca Wiser

My Post Copy 76.jpg

Most women (myself included) probably don’t think too much about what’s in their pads and tampons. So when I recently learned how toxic and chemical-ridden most feminine products are, I was seriously alarmed. I had no idea that I was filling my body with chemicals in the most absorbent part of my body every month.

When I first discovered Kali, I was so excited to find a company that offers organic and chemical-free feminine products through a monthly subscription service (there’s beauty, fashion, wellness, and food based subscriptions — why wouldn’t there be a period-based one?!). One of the things I love about Kali is that they have a giving back model that donates sanitary products to homeless shelters throughout the USA with i Support the Girls and Girl Up.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jonna Piira, the CEO and Founder of Kali, about self-care, running a company with feminine energy, and why we should all care what’s in our pads and tampons.

What inspired you to create Kali?  

Jonna Piira, CEO & Founder of Kali Boxes

Jonna Piira, CEO & Founder of Kali Boxes

Jonna Piira: We created Kali to empower and educate our community about what they are putting into their bodies. We are focused on spreading awareness of the benefits of using organic feminine hygiene products and the importance of self care. We are on a mission to make that time of the month better for our customers. 

Why is it so important to care about what’s in your feminine products? 

Photo Courtesy of Kali

Photo Courtesy of Kali

JP: It is important to care about what is in your period products because it's going into a very sensitive spot in your body. The vagina is extremely permeable and toxins from conventional tampons are absorbed directly into the blood stream. Due to tampons being classified as a class 2 medical device, the FDA doesn't require companies to disclose what's in their products. The ingredients are considered proprietary information. Chose products and companies that are open about their ingredients. 

How can we feel more empowered by our menstrual cycles and more connected to our bodies?  

JP: We believe the more we talk about our periods and make each other feel comfortable and confident during that time of the month, the more we can feel empowered. Fifty percent of the population bleeds. It's important for us to reduce period stigmas together and not be ashamed of our bodies. 

What are a few ways to bring the feminine energy into running a business? 

Photo Courtesy of Kali

Photo Courtesy of Kali

JP: Honestly, this is really easy for us at Kali because the company was founded by a woman and we create products for women and people who menstruate. We are surrounded by so much positive, feminine energy every day. We love to embrace that energy and share it with our community through social media.  

Can you share some of your favorite self-care practices?

JP: Self-care is a very personal thing. I think it's important to figure out what helps you relax and destress. Each person's equation is different. I have found that meditation helps me stay balanced and it's free. Meditation really helps me start the day off with a clear head. I also love to do a sheet mask at least once a week while reading at my house. The gym is also part of my equation. I make sure I go to the gym a few times a week.

Tell me about one lesson you’re currently learning. 

JP: I am learning that sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to because there is something better coming that you haven't thought of. 

What is your favorite quote or saying? 

JP: “It will all be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it is not the end.”

Talia Pollack Is This Week's Curator!


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This week’s curator is Talia Pollock — the creator of Party in My Plants! She’s also a speaker (and a former stand-up comedian), author of an upcoming book with Penguin Random House, a plant-based nutrition expert through Cornell University, and a health-supportive chef from the renowned Natural Gourmet Institute.

Talia’s podcast, The Party in My Plants Podcast, is top ranked, and her cooking videos and recipes have been featured on Mindbodygreen, Buzzfeed, Bustle, The Doctor Oz Show, Success Magazine and Huffington Post. She’s made it her mission to “help others eat more plants and chill the heck out so they can have a life as epic as a party!” How fun is that?!

We love the videos, articles, and quotes that Talia shared with us, and we hope you enjoy her channel as much as we do. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find:

  • An amazing article about Ann Dowd (a star of Handmaids's Tale) on not giving up and finding success late in life

  • A great article by Tara Mohr about gaining clarity about what you want

  • A TED Talk about changing our reactions to stress

  • Gabrielle Bernstein’s incredibly powerful SuperSoul Session (A Womaze favorite!)

  • One of Talia’s own articles (which links to a podcast episode) about not shedding for her wedding and positive body image in general

  • And more!

Fei Ren Shares Some Powerful Life Advice


Fei Ren is an actor who stars in Netflix’s feature film “Polar” (released in January 2019) opposite Katheryn Winnick, Vanessa Hudgens, and Mads Mikkelsen. 

Fei was born and raised in Zhengzhou, China. She later moved to Canada, where she has worked internationally as a model and stage director, and has directed multiple plays in the theatre. We asked Fei to share some of the things that has impacted her life — and her answers were golden.

What are some of your “top tools” for life? (In other words, what pieces of advice or tips have helped you through life?) 

FR: Growing up, there used to be so much discrimination towards girls. My grandparents on my father’s side were very upset when I was born as a girl. Luckily, my maternal grandparents compensated that discrimination with intense love. My grandma used to tell me all the time, “You are no less, if not better than boys. If boys are good at math, you can be better.” It was instilled in me that especially as a woman, we have to work more to earn the same, so whenever life hasn’t turn out the way I wanted, it has made me tougher and I’ve worked harder.

I had my mom support me as an international student when I came to UBC to study. It was extremely expensive, and considerably mission impossible for her. She worked seven days a week, and for six years before I moved to Canada, she just saved, invested, and worked hard. She never gave up. She was my first example of how nothing is impossible. If you put your will to it, there will be a way.

My modeling agent in Montreal once held my face when I was feeling really down. She told me with so much love and positivity that life is magical. Her belief in me shifted my modeling career in such a positive way, that I learned how to turn cant’s into cans. I remind myself to this day that life is magical, and surround yourself with people who believe in me! My partner is a feminist. He taught me how to love myself unconditionally. He also made me realize my worth is not attached to external conditions. I am who I am, and I love how I can be authentic with him. He pointed out my highly self critical thoughts. I realized self-love changes my life, and you can make your life joyful.

I have a bunch of amazing women and men in my life as friends. They truly love me as a person and they inspire me in so many ways. I keep a tight circle of good people around me. I learned that choosing who you spend your energy with is crucial. If someone is toxic to you, cut them out, and shift the time you spent on those people to those who actually deserve it.

In acting, I learned to grow into my power, embrace it, and be a woman! I learned to deprogram some of the social conditioning that expects women to be a certain way. It’s part of the ongoing process to align with my own truth and grow spiritually, and figure out what I want to be, and what I want and to fight for it. Taking on acting at a relatively late stage was challenging. But I saw a quote– “Be bad until you are good, good until you are great.” It made me accept the process of growing pains and that when you work on things, things will get better. It’s also been rewarding and I’ve learned to follow my passion and really work for it. Then things just start happening for you.

How do you practice self-care while also hustling and following your passion?

FR: I learned to ask for help, seek professional help, and build self care tools and routines to ground me on a daily basis. I am grateful I got burnt out and made mistakes in life. Those moments taught me that I have limits, and I need to care for myself. That includes cutting out toxic people in my life, whether it’s business or personal relationships, and building a supportive team around. I have my closest friends in life, who are very beautiful humans who genuinely love me. I meditate and do yoga, as well as things that bring me joy, such as eating out with friends, and hiking in the summer.

I seek for spiritual and emotional support from professionals; I check in with my psychologist a couple times a year to help me reprogram my way of thinking that doesn’t serve me. I go to acupuncture when I have very traumatic roles and characters. I also have started to celebrate my achievements.

What are some of your top tools for caring for your mental health?

  1. Meditate with calm music

  2. Have a ground of solid beautiful human beings in my life

  3. Seek professional guidance and support from my life coach, psychologist, yoga teacher, and sex coach. I also read self-help books

  4. Do things that bring you joy

  5. Marie Kondo my apartment

  6. Exercise and eat well

  7. Sleep a lot if I need it

If there’s one thing you could tell your past self, what would it be? 

FR: Be gentle to yourself. Don’t worry. Trust your instinct. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are strong. You are you. Have some fun! Embrace and own your sexuality. Ask and speak for what you want. Follow your heart. Know you are worth it! I know it’s not one thing, but it all sums up to love and respect yourself for whomever you are in that moment!

What advice would you share with people who don’t know what they want in life and/or their career?

FR: Try new things. If you don’t know what you want now, it’s okay. Just keep exploring and figuring out what you don’t want. Keep asking what brings you joy. Is there a quiet whisper your gut is saying to you? When you were a child, is there something you dreamt of doing? If you wanted to try something, try it.

When I was in university, I didn’t know what I wanted. I was clouded with my parents’ needs and wants for my life. I chose the faculty and major based on their wants, but all my electives were in arts and fine art. I think that shows what I already knew I wanted to explore, but I just thought it was impossible. Life sometimes throws us curve balls, then we have to confront our truth.

After graduation, in the midst of an identity crisis, I was, in a way, forced to confront what would make me feel happy and life worth living for. Now I am continuously working on hearing and trusting my instinct! It’s gonna be a constant work in progress to seek our own truth, I think.

What’s a lesson you learned because of a “failure”? 

FR: There are no “mistakes” or “failures,” only lessons. I know it’s easier said than done, but we should constantly remind ourselves. We have to accept there are different stages of mastering something. When you learn, you go through unconscious of incompetents, conscious of incompetents, and conscious of competences, and unconscious of competences. With each stage you can feel like a failure at times, but really, it’s there to inform you what you need to work on to overcome and evolve from this stage. “Failure” also doesn’t really exist, because it’s not definitive if we are looking at the long-term goal. The fear around failure is real, but it doesn’t have to stop us, it can motivate us and keep us grounded. Be willing to fail — and fail on your own terms — so the fear won’t have power over you and when you do your best and overcome that failure, it will feel so good!

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now?

FR: Embrace womanly power, and embrace diversity. It makes the whole race and culture strong. It’s like evolution: without the mix of genes, we wouldn’t be able to evolve into such a strong species. Also, we should all practice more meditation and be more connected with each other’s humanity.

What’s your favorite quote/saying? 

FR: My current one: “To become so skilled, so vigilant, so flat-out fantastic at what you do, that your talent cannot be dismissed.”

Cassandra Bodzak is this Week's Curator!


Cassandra Bodzak is this week’s guest curator! 

Cassandra Bodzak is the best selling author of “Eat with Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life the Lights You Up” and the founder of online mind-body-soul support community, Aprecity.com. As a global meditation and wellness teacher, Cassandra guides people on how to use meditation, self-care, and food to elevate their lives.  

Cassandra started her healing journey after years of disordered eating, insecurity, stress-addiction, and anxiety. It wasn’t until Cassandra’s darkest moment that she finally started listening to her soul. When a voice within her told her to meditate, she went to her computer and Googled “guided meditations.” Cassandra began listening to her intuition and was led to exactly the right books, teachers, and classes. Fast forward to today, and Cassandra is helping thousands and thousands of women reclaim their lives just like she did.

Cassandra’s story is a powerful reminder that the tools are often right in front of you — you just have to be open to finding them and implementing them. Your life truly can change the moment you decide you’re ready. We hope Cassandra’s channel leaves you feeling supported, inspired, and ready to tap into your own inner wisdom.

Kimrie Lewis is This Week's Curator!


This week’s guest curator is Kimrie Lewis — a stand-up comedian and actress who currently stars on ABC’s hit comedy Single Parents! Kimrie stars opposite Taran Killam, Leighton Meester, Jake Choi and Brad Garrett.

Kimrie was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. She is passionate about inspiring other girls and boys from her community, and telling her story as an LA native.

In addition to her role on Single Parents, Kimrie is a stand-up comedian who has toured nationally and currently has a residency at the Flappers Comedy Club in Los Angeles. She also writes for Kevin Hart´s LOL Network new comedy series, The Donors, and this fall, she'll be in #2MinutesofFame with Katt Williams and Jay Pharoah. She has previously be seen in Scandal, New Girl, and The Mindy Project. 

You can currently watch Kimrie on Single Parents, which is a comedy surrounding a group of single parents as they raise their 7-year-old kids and form a bond along the way. Created by Liz Meriwether and JJ Philbin, the show is a fun, relatable take on being a single parent while still maintaining a personal life outside of parenthood. Kimrie’s character “Poppy” is a charismatic, intelligent, funny, and free spirited business owner (Poppy owns “Poppy’s Wine-brary” — a wine bar and library). The series airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 PM ET on ABC ✨

Meet Artist Chantal Psota Ball


Meet artist Chantal Psota Ball, and learn about the inspiration behind the pieces she’s submitted!

What is the inspiration behind the pieces of art you’ve submitted? 

Do not worry there is no hurry

When I was a little girl I would stress out at night laying in bed, whether or not I completed all my homework. My mom always told me to stop worrying because there was nothing I could do about it at that moment. I think it translates to my life still. So often I find myself stressed out, rushing around to finish up a task when it really could wait. So I need to keep telling myself this to calm down and finish when I finish without creating arbitrary deadlines in my head. You are doing great. Just keep going!

Practice and Patience

I heard this on a podcast after the question was asked How to be successful. And the response from the guest was to keep practicing and having patience. I think patience is often so overlooked because we feel that these people are just overnight blowing up and being successful. But it’s really not true at all. In the background, they have been practicing for years and have had the patience to stick it out and keep with it. So just keep going, you are on the right track.

Who cares what people think

I find myself questioning my actions and decisions based on societal expectations or my environment. So this is a reminder I need constantly. Don’t worry about other people. Just keep doing your thing. Be proud of your path and embrace your differences. You are you for a reason and you need to make your voice heard, so don’t care what people think and be unapologetically you. 

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about spreading positivity and encouraging people to keep going. I love seeing positive influences in the world and am always excited to be a part of such organizations. I especially want young girls to know that whatever they set in their heads they can achieve if they keep with it. 

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now? 

Keep pushing and spread positive vibes. It’s so easy to be separated by differing opinions but don’t give in to that false sense of belonging. We win when we can agree to disagree and live with love and respect for one another. Let’s support each other in our efforts instead of trying to bring each other, or ourselves, down. 

Stay in touch with Chantal on Instagram (@psotaball)!

Meet Artist Olga Muzician

IMG_0286 2.jpg
IMG_0287 2.jpg

Olga Muzician is a Ukrainian-born, New York & New Jersey-based letterer and designer who has worked with both start-ups and large corporations making their project dreams a reality. Olga has studied art her entire life, starting out as a painter and transitioning into graphic design, and now lettering. When she’s not working, she spends time on personal projects and various lettering challenges to keep my skills constantly evolving.

Recently, Olga started working on murals and chalkboard lettering throughout New York City. On her days off, you can find her exploring new hiking trails, taking weekend road trips, biking around Brooklyn, gushing over every dog she sees on the street, and buying too many new pens at Blick Art Materials.

To see more of Olga’s work, visit her website and Instagram (@olgamuzician)!

Seana Kofoed on Career, Self-Care, and Learning Through Failure


Seana Kofoed is the writer and producer of the upcoming thriller 30 Miles from Nowhere. With a female director, writer, and producing team, and a diverse and 50% female cast and crew, Seana’s mission was to create an inclusive and diverse environment. We asked Seana to share some of her top tools and advice with the Womaze community - here’s what she said!

What are some of your “top tools” for life? (In other words, what pieces of advice or tips have helped you through life?)

SK: I’m sort of relentlessly optimistic when it comes to my little sphere. I believe we can be agents of change, even if only in tiny ways. If I hit a roadblock, which is often, my next step is to think on creative ways around it. It may not get me to the exact same destination, but possibly to something cooler and more interesting. And sometimes you hit that roadblock a gazillion times, but on the gazillion and one-th time . . . maybe you actually get through.

What are some of your top tools for caring for your mental health?

SK: I don’t keep the company of totally negative people, if I can help it. I’m usually able to remind myself that whatever hurdles I’m experiencing in my life, there’s always someone who has more challenging hurdles than I do, and if they can muscle through theirs, I can certainly muscle through mine. I also have kids, and they’re a pretty great reminder of how much joy there can be in the world. And I believe that ultimately goodness and kindness prevails, so that helps to keep me moderately balanced in our often-fraught world.

If there’s one thing you could tell your past self, what would it be?

SK: I would tell my younger self to take up a little more space in the room. To ask for less permission, and take more chances. As women it’s so easy to fall into the trap of simply taking whatever is given to us, to never ask for more, to never ASSUME we can do more...when of course we are amazing, kind, and intelligent creatures - we’ve just been gaslit into thinking we can’t run the world. When, of course, we can. And probably should!

How do you practice self-care while also hustling and following your passion?

SK: Though my husband would beg to differ, I don’t eat horribly. I do enjoy sweets and snacks and whatnot, but I’m not gonna sit down with a huge piece of cake. Mostly because I don’t like cake, I like candy! But I’m pretty decent at the in-moderation thing. I also force myself to drink a glass of water every morning because then at least I’ve had . . . a glass of water

What advice would you share with people who don’t know what they want in life and/or their career?

SK: I would say imagine your ideal life and your ideal career with no limitations. And then on both fronts, you just take one baby step after another in the direction of what you want. Even if you don’t end up exactly where you envisioned . . . at least you’ll be moving forward!

What’s a lesson you learned because of a “failure”?

SK: As an actor, we’re constantly experiencing rejection, i.e. tiny little failures. All the time. And the upside of that is that they start to not matter. They’re just part of the landscape of moving forward in your life. I’d definitely have fewer “failures” if I didn’t go after roles . . . but then I’d never get one!

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now?

SK: Be kind. Look in your heart and ask yourself if your neighbor is REALLY that scary? Are they THAT threatening to your way of life? Isn’t it better if we’re all healthier, have access to services, are tended to as human beings? “It takes a village” isn’t just a pithy slogan, it should be a way of life. Don’t buy into the rhetoric of fear, buy into the rhetoric of kindness and understanding.

What’s your favorite quote/saying?

SK: From the amazing playwright, John Patrick Shanley: “I am not a courageous person by nature. I have simply discovered that, at certain key moments in this life, you must find courage in yourself, in order to move forward and live. It is like a muscle and it must be exercised, first a little, and then more and more. All the really exciting things possible during the course of a lifetime require a little more courage than we currently have. A deep breath and a leap.”

30 Miles from Nowhere is available on DVD and Digital on March 5!