This week's curator: Cat Lantigua


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Our guest curator this week is a goddess! Founder of Goddess Council, a New York based soulful community for women, Cat Lantigua is committed to facilitating soulful interpersonal connections. Cat is a Dominican-American journalist who empowers women, celebrates Afro-latinidad, and inspires millennial greatness. 

She also hosts the Chats with Cat podcast where she shares “an honest peek into her journey of manifesting a fulfilling and purposeful life in hopes of inspiring her fellow millennials to embark on their own course of self-exploration.” The podcasts explores topics surrounding culture, relationships, self-improvement, and more. 

Cat is a force of light, wisdom, and inspiration and it is such an honor to have her guest curate this week. We love everything that Cat embodies and can’t wait for our Womaze community to see all of Cat’s top tools for life.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find in Cat’s channel: 

  • Why believing you’re not enough is “the biggest disease affecting humanity” 

  • Why being uncomfortable is actually really important 

  • Why we need vulnerability to truly live to the fullest 

  • The secret to a long-term relationship 

  • A commencement speech that will change how you think about life 

You can find Cat on Twitter (@catlantigua) and Instagram (@cat.lantigua) and listen to her podcast Chats with Cat on iTunes!