Turning 17

I’m 17 today & I wanted to share my birthday wishes for YOU: May this be the year you step into your wholeness. May this be the year you see yourself as you truly are: a ray of beautiful sunshine, sharing light with all who come along your path. You are a part of the great big ocean. There are days where the waves are calm and there are days where waves are rough and it feels IMPOSSIBLE to swim. May you find beauty in those calm waves and beauty in the rough waves, knowing that it will always make you a better swimmer. May you follow your intuition and never forget that you hold endless guidance within your heart. May you see pain as a traveling teacher that is here to show you who you truly are and what really matters. May you serve as an instrument in the most beautiful of symphonies. May you share your heart with those around you, your words for all to hear, and stand before the yourself unmasked and at ease. May you use your voice to speak on behalf of the voiceless and find peace in the quiet. May you see yourself for all that you are & all that you will become ✨

Love, Hannah