Meet Guest Curator Jennifer Zeuner!


Meet our next guest curator, Jennifer Zeuner! Jennifer is an internationally renowned jewelry designer and mother of four. As a mom of young kids, designing jewelry began as a passion project and creative outlet. Jennifer never envisioned turning her passion into a profitable business, but a series of divine moments turned her passion project into what it is today. After just three weeks of creating her first design, Cameron Diaz bought a few of Jennifer's pieces in a South Beach store, and her business was launched from there! 

A few fun facts about Jennifer! 

1. Jennifer is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico

2. Jennifer's mantra is "go with your gut"

3. Jennifer's jewelry is very symbolic, and many pieces honor her Turkish roots (she has been sporting her signature "eye" ever since she was a baby)

4. Jennifer makes the BEST acai bowls, topped with the best granola

5. Jennifer's favorite place is the ocean, where she feels most connected to the earth and mother nature

Check out Jennifer's Top Tools to find her inspiration!