Meet Guest Curator Alina Villasante

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Alina Villasante is a powerhouse of a woman. The founder and designer of Peace Love World is on a mission to spread peace, love and happiness through her beloved lifestyle brand. We're so thrilled to have Alina guest curating on Womaze this week (and share an exclusive interview in her channel!). We know you'll be as inspired as we are by this truly Womazing woman. 

Here are some of Alina's Top Tools: 

“Love is not something you look for, love is something you become” 

"This is my philosophy in life. I believe that if you want to be something, become it and then you will attract it rather than going out and looking for it." 

“A woman should always be confident, comfortable, and elegant wherever she goes. Elegance is an attitude.”

"This is a reflection of my mission with my brand. Peace Love World is simply the outer expression of what I feel for life and what I want other women to feel. Through my line, I hope to encourage, inspire and incite appreciation for what truly matters. It goes beyond religion, borders and personal beliefs. It is the human desire and inner pull we all feel for Peace, Love and Happiness."

Who Womazes Alina?

"Oprah Winfrey. She is a smart woman who lives her truth.  She is unapologetic, practices every day to be better, and lives generously." 

Alina's Favorite Book:

“The Mastery of love” is my bible. It reminds me to lead with love." 

Find out more of Alina's favorites in her "Top Tools" channel on Womaze this week!