Meet Guest Curator Isabel Foxen Duke

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You're in for a treat this week because this week's guest curator, Isabel Foxen Duke, helps women stop feeling crazy around food.

For most of her life, Isabel struggled with binge-eating. After countless attempts to heal her relationship with food, Isabel found that the need to control her food was actually the source of the problem. Isabel now works with women to help them let go of unhealthy eating behaviors and let go of their toxic relationships with food. 

In her channel, the anti-diet coach and emotional eating expert shared all of her Top Tools on being body positive and feeling safe around food. Plus, you can find an awesome conversation that our co-founder, Becca, had with Isabel on health at every size, intuitive eating, fat-phobia and more. 

A bit more about Isabel...

Isabel graduated from Tufts University with a BA in sociology and received her certification in health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Isabel has spent years studying various spiritual practices, including but not limited to Zen Meditation at Ryukoku University in Japan, and Transpersonal Psychology in Bali, Indonesia. Isabel is the creator of, a free video training program for those looking for a new perspective on binge-eating, emotional-eating, and various other “food issues.”