Meet Artist Natalia Vazquez Garcia


Who is a woman who Womazes you? 

"The women who Womaze me are my mom and my boss, two hard-working women that show me every day that everything is possible. Both are kickass mothers; my boss is working in a male-dominated area while being strong and having power while my mom is working in an all-women company taking on the world." 

What is the inspiration behind the piece of art you’ve created? 

"'You Go Girl' is a message that may be a bit cliche, but has helped me so so much! Every time I feel down, or I think I can't do it, I read messages of support and this one is the one that sticks the most. Supporting women in their work and helping them get forward is a really positive thing. Being in a really competitive world, when you study they teach you to try and be the best, but they don't teach the human side of it. Getting out of university and discovering there's this online platform and community where everyone helps each other, seeing my favorite artists being positive and true...that was amazing."

"I also want to give that message to every woman; it doesn't matter the color of their skin or their religion — they deserve happiness and they are so, so strong!"

What are you passionate about?

"I'm passionate about art, and the way artists express their feelings and thoughts. I'm also really passionate about peace and human rights. Everyone deserves happiness and positivity in their life. I recently called myself a feminist for the first time. I don't agree with how society [paints] women and how they are treating us. I see it every day, and I want to show it to the world."

What's one message you think the world needs to hear right now?  

"Everything will be alright. Just keep being positive. The world is in such a weird place right now, and we really need to be positive and keep doing what we believe. It's quite discouraging to see what's happening, politically especially, but we have to give our two cents." 

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