Meet Brittany (AKA Five Foot One Teacher)


She’s five-foot-one, a teacher, and an incredible inspiration. Brittany (AKA Five Foot One Teacher) is a force of light and hope in this world and it's an honor to have her guest curating on Womaze this week. 

Brittany teaches ninth grade English at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. She is a survivor, an activist, and believes in using our voices to make a difference. More than ever, Brittany is on a mission to spread hope through her teaching and social media platform. 

We also have an exclusive interview with the Five Foot One Teacher in her channel this week where we dive into Brittany’s powerful story. 

Here's some fun facts about Brittany:  

  • Yellow is her favorite color 
  • She would eat Mexican food any day of the week
  • She will hug you, even if she doesn't know your name
  • She wears a kids size in shoes
  • She took up knitting for two weeks and made half of a scarf
  • She randomly breaks out in dance moves
  • She has an excessively large earring collection
  • She considers Target an amusement park
  • She laughs at everything 
  • She cries when she sees a baby duck cross the street
  • She sings on tables in the classroom and wears dramatic costumes to engage her students
  • She has a tattoo that says “unbreakable” (more about this in Brittany’s interview) 
  • She believes that it’s possible to find light after the darkest moments of life

We couldn’t be more grateful to Brittany for sharing her profound wisdom with our Womaze community. We adore her and know you will too.