Meet Saskia of @sasbu.letters


Meet Saskia, the artist behind this beautiful piece!

1. Who is a woman who Womazes you? 

Two people who womaze me are my mother and my grandmother. They were able to raise my brother and me on their own, and even today they continue to teach us, support us and push us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

2. What is the inspiration behind the piece of art you’ve submitted? 

When doing letterings, I always try to look for phrases that inspire me and inspire people to be and do their best everyday.

3. What are you passionate about?

I studied graphic design, and in the process I found that my true passion was lettering. I love drawing and decorating letters to make beautiful pieces that can be used for so many things. The possibilities are really endless.

4. What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now?

Don't be afraid to try new things; you may find what you truly love in the process.

Stay in touch with Saskia on Instagram (@sasbu.letters).