Maria Quezada is this week's curator!


This week’s curator is 17-year-old actor Maria Quezada! Maria is best known for her role as Talia in Talia in the Kitchen, and she’s also an incredible writer and storyteller. .

Maria has been writing short stories and creating characters since she was five years old, and she now tells stories through her acting. In her channel, Maria shared all of her favorite tools that help her feel empowered. She included tools for self-love and self-reflection, some songs that she loves, and a few of her favorite quotes.

A bit more about Maria:

  • She knows American Sign Language (ASL).

  • She has 2 dogs: Max and Lolita.

  • She listens to every genre of music and is amazed by the message music conveys. It has played a large part in her upbringing.

  • She started writing stories as soon as she learned how to make sentences. Once she starts she can't stop.

  • Maria's Mantra is "If you want it, fight for it.”

Enjoy Maria’s Top Tools!