Katie Willcox's Tools for Self-Acceptance and Body Positivity


In today’s world of Facetune and photoshop, it’s so important to have amazing role models for self-acceptance and body positivity. That’s why we’re so thrilled to have Katie Willcox guest curate this week!

If you haven’t already heard about Katie, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to her. As the founder and CEO of Natural Model Management and the creator of Healthy is the New Skinny, Katie is a champion for body positivity. Through Healthy is the New Skinny, Katie empowers people to choose their health over the beauty ideals portrayed by the media, and provides the tools needed to create lasting change.

Katie is also a mom to a beautiful girl named True, and co-hosts her podcast with her husband, Brad. She has been a featured speaker around the world, and made her debut as an author last year, when she released her book “Healthy Is The New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love In A ‘Picture Perfect’ World.” The book offers a powerful approach to healthy body image by exposing the harmful media messaging set in place by the fashion and beauty industries.

We hope that Katie’s channel inspires you to embrace your body a little (or a lot) more, be kinder to yourself, and learn about what true self-love looks like. We’re so grateful that Katie is spending some time with our Womaze community this week, and we can’t wait for you all to see her top tools! 

You can find Katie on Instagram at @katiewillcox and @healthyisthenewskinny!