Meet Artist Lucy Llewellyn!

Embrace The Unknown Womaze.jpg

Lucy Llewellyn is a freelance graphic designer based in Newport, South Wales. She combines her love for hand-drawn type with illustration and color to make quirky lettering pieces. Here’s what Lucy shared about her passion for design and the inspiration behind the piece she created!

What are you passionate about?

This is my passion! Design I mean. Making stuff and being creative in general. I love seeing something come to life from a scruffy little thumbnail sketch. And if I’m feeling unmotivated, it only takes a walk outside to get some inspiration. Seeing an old sign in the street, graffiti, typography on a record sleeve, battered stickers on a lamppost, the design on a beer can, book covers, packaging, the color of a flower. It’s all around and never ending; you just have to keep your eyes peeled. I like to take a photo of whatever has caught my eye for future reference. 

What is the inspiration behind the piece of art you’ve created? 

Born out of a Goodtype Tuesday prompt from Carmi Grau (a fantastic Berlin based lettering artist and illustrator, aka Super Nice Letters) who challenged us with the question, “If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?” I chose to write “Embrace the Unknown,” to say yes to opportunities, even when it scares you. You’ll discover new things when you positively embrace the unknown and face the fear head on. And hey, if it doesn’t end how you thought, you’ll be richer for the experience. Hopefully, anyway!

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now? 

I think the world needs more kindness. Whether you know it or not, your actions set an example to others. So be kind to your mind and your body, be kind to others and most important, your environment. Make the world a better place.

To see more of Lucy’s work , visit her Instagram (@thatgingergirl88)!