Meet Carly of Clementine Studio

Womans best friend_wide.jpg

Here’s what Carly, the artist behind Clementine Studio, shared about the inspiration behind her artwork!

What is the inspiration behind the piece of art you’ve created? 

Women around the country turning out to support each other and the causes they care about, over and over again the last few years, has been a constant source of inspiration for me. And of course, we can always count on our best four-legged pals to come along for the ride.

What are you passionate about?

Lots of things! But lately my mind has been consumed by starting a new large-scale series of paintings involving animals and women. It's been a slow process as client work takes up 90% of my time, but it's been a slow-building idea that's been brewing for the last decade and it's finally started to settle in a way that feels like the missing puzzle piece I've been searching for and I can't wait to bring this work to life!

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now? 

The one thing I've been personally coming back to, work related and life related, is to not take myself too seriously. Nothing you haven't heard before or even that's particularly life-changing, but it's been working for me. There's a lot to be concerned with in the world and it's difficult to not have it infiltrate your mind every hour of the day with the amount of content and ways we absorb information. I find myself tensing up a lot: my face, my shoulders, my attitude. There's so much to care about, to be concerned by, to want to change and it can manifest physically in our thoughts and bodies. With my work, anytime I'm stuck creatively, I try to remind myself to not take myself too seriously. This instantly clears my mind of what I think I should be creating, to what I actually want to be creating. Which is always much more fun and freeing. And I try to apply that same feeling toward my personal life: anytime I'm overthinking something, comparing myself to someone, or just feeling down, when I'm reminded to not take myself so seriously, it injects a lightheartedness into my mood and brings me back to myself.  

See more of Carly’s work on Instagram (@clementinestudio) and visit her website!