Rebecca Field of A Star is Born Shares Some Words of Wisdom

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Field

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Field

Have you ever felt uncertain or insecure? Imagine if when you’re experiencing those emotions, you hear a kind voice that reassures you and guides you on the right path. All of a sudden, it all seems good — and any sense of doubt disappears. That voice of reassurance is exactly the role that actor Rebecca Field played as Gail in A Star is Born, alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Rebecca’s character Gail leads Ally, played by Lady Gaga, and her friend Ramon to exactly where she’s meant to be — Jackson Maine’s show. Just like her character Gail guided Ally, Rebecca guides us by sharing some powerful words of wisdom — here’s what she had to say!

What are some of your “top tools” for life?

Rebecca Field: Take care of you first. I always used to think self care was being selfish but I now know you are no good to anyone if you are not good first. You must fill your well to have anything to give to others.  

How do you practice self-care while also hustling and following your passion?  

RF: I try to exercise everyday, meditate, ask for help if I need a break!  I don’t always succeed but I am much more aware of it now so when I have neglected myself too long I know I have to get back on course. 

What are some of your top tools for caring for your mental health? 

RF: Therapy, writing in a journal, exercise, meditation, eating well, sleep, talking to my friends!

If there’s one thing you could tell your past self, what would it be? 

RF: Stop worrying about everything, what people think, what people say, what’s going to happen, just enjoy the moment and be yourself, you are enough!

What advice would you share with people who don’t know what they want in life and/or their career?  

RF: Try new things, do what brings you joy, you will figure it out in your own time. 

What’s a lesson you learned because of a “failure”? 

RF: That it’s just one moment, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Just know there’s always a lesson or blessing. 

What’s one message you think the world needs to hear right now? 

RF: Do the right thing. We can and will all be different but we must be willing to hear one another and fight for what’s right. We need more love and a string moral compass. 

What’s your favorite quote/saying? 

RF: Go big, or go home.