Meet Artist Susann Hoffmann!


What is the inspiration behind the piece of art?

Susann Hoffmann: ”More than numbers“ was actually the prompt of a “GoodType Tuesday,” {who partnered with @florifama and @aftrisletter, the artists and founders of the “More Than Numbers” initiative}. I loved the idea of reminding myself and other artists that the number of followers is just a number, but that the people and the community behind it is what matters. Making art isn't mainly about getting likes, comments or followers – even though that is nice, of course. It can be dangerous to focus too much on what the algorithm likes and what you think might be popular instead of doing the art that you want to be doing, no matter if it gets 10 or 10,000 likes. 

What are you passionate about?

SH: Lately I feel very passionate about our planet and our future on it. I try to be as conscious as possible concerning the consequences my behaviour has on the environment. I don't do things 100% correctly (probably not even 50% of what I could possibly do), but I try to really reduce my waste of plastic, my meat consumption, my means of transport etc and just be a little more aware of the little things. I'd say I'm equally passionate about reaching equal rights and possibilities for everybody. I try to be aware of representing a broad variety of characters in my work, especially in children's media, because I strongly believe that kids of all ethnicities, gender identities and body shapes need characters to identify with and need to see themselves represented.

What's one message you think the world needs to hear right now?

SH: I recently learned about the “Overview Effect,” which is the sensation astronauts describe who have seen Earth from space. You only see natural borders, not the man-made ones. I'd like to remind everyone that we are all humans, that in the end we're all the same, that borders exist only in our heads. We live in times where we see a lot of US and THEM thinking. Simply, and maybe naively said: I think the world needs more love and less hate.

To learn more about Susann and her work, visit her website at and check out her Instagram (@susannhoffmann_illustration).