Courtney Henggeler on Motherhood, Her Top Tools, and the Lessons She's Learning


Courtney Henggeler stars as Amanda Larusso in the hit YouTube Red series Cobra Kai — the series surrounding the storyline of the Karate Kid and the return of Daniel Larusso. Courtney can also be seen in Mom and The Big Bang Theory. We spoke with Courtney about her top tools for life — here’s what she said!

We call Womaze your "toolbox for life" because we feature tools for mental health, self-care, relationships, body image, and more. What are some of your top tools for life?

There are a few things I need to do for myself to run efficiently and happily.  If I stray too far from doing the things I need to do, I start to get real squirrelly, and not in a good way. I need to exercise daily. I love pilates, but old school strength training is what really gets my brain straight. I need to do 20 minutes of meditation, which is usually the first thing out the window when my life gets too crazy. And it’s the first thing I’ll bring back when I know I’m entering “Squirellyland” (once again, probably isn’t a thing). I love wine a lot. Like, a lot.  But I’ve found that limiting my wine habit to the weekends only, helps me be more motivated and happier (go figure. Also, bummer).

And lastly, I limit my social media stalking to once a day. It’s real easy to go down that rabbit hole and before you know it, your sobbing to your husband wondering why YOU aren’t in Bora Bora, wearing Valentino and drinking unicorn tears. Or whatever else these influencers do these days.

How has motherhood changed your life?

It’s given me tangible gratitude. I look at these two adorable, insane children and I can’t believe I get to keep them. I’m so aware of how I speak to myself now because they observe and take in everything. I want to raise kind, confident children and you can’t do that if you’re constantly criticizing yourself.  Also, less drinking. Ever wake up with a hangover and a 2 year old? That’ll end your boozing days real fast.

Can you share some of your favorite self-care practices?

I wish I could say weekly massages, monthly facials and pedicures on the regular.  But at this point, if I can blow dry my hair in a presentable fashion these days, I call that a win. Meditation is up there too.

What lesson are you currently learning?

To let go of my own personal time table.  We live with 2 small children, a dog who thinks he’s a small child and 2 cats battling cancer.  I like things my way. I like to have my home look a certain way. I like to get to places on time, but that means nothing to the folks in my house.  So I’m trying to let go of the control I need in order to allow the mess to happen. By the way, I am NOT good at this, like, not even a little, but we keep trying.

What's one message that you think the world needs to hear?

Learning that life is about perspective.  Our views and experiences are just that; they’re ours.  To demand others feel and view things the same way is sort of silly.  And to go a step further, why not try looking at things from their perspective? We all filter things through our own unique lens.  Which is wonderful, but it is definitely not the only way.

Stay in touch with Courtney on Instagram (@courtneyhenggeler) and watch her on the on the YouTube Red series Cobra Kai!