Maris Degener's Top Tools


We are so inspired by this week’s guest curator, Maris Degener. In addition to being a a yoga teacher (she began practicing when she was 14 years old and began her teacher training at 15), Maris is a mental health advocate, writer, and UCSC student. Maris began practicing yoga as a method of healing from an eating disorder that took over her life as a a young teenager. Her story is beautifully told through a documentary called “I Am Maris,” which is available on Netflix. The film is a deeply moving, powerful story about self-acceptance, mental health, and healing.

Through teaching, Maris inspires her students to tune into their own inner strength and power. This week, Maris is teaching the Womaze community about the top tools that she uses to feel centered. In her channel, you can find the videos, articles, and quotes that have inspired and supported Maris.

Here are a few ways you can stay in touch with Maris and learn more about her work and story:

  • Follow Maris on Instagram (@yogamaris)

  • Visit her website (

  • Watch “I Am Maris,” the documentary about her healing journey on Netflix

We hope you connect with and learn from the tools Maris shared! Let’s keep the conversation going on Instagram (@womazepp) — see you there!