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Find tools for how you're feeling and how you want to feel (i.e., anxious, happy, confused, lonely, calm, annoyed etc.) 

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Photo credit: Sharon Morgenstern Photography

Photo credit: Sharon Morgenstern Photography

The Women Behind Womaze

Womaze was created by three sisters — Rebecca, Leah, and Hannah Wiser and their mom, Corin. The Wiser Women are on a mission to democratize wisdom, reminding women of their infinite worth and potential.   

Their greatest hope is that Womaze helps you feel more supported, understood, and empowered. 

Learn more about the Wiser Women here.

Everything about Womaze is inspiring, uplifting, heart-warming and exactly what this world needs right now. Watching the incredible founders create magic with their content and be so determined to make this world a better place is nothing short of thrilling and I can’t wait to see what these women do next!
— Nitika Chopra, Talk Show Host + Self-Love Expert


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Your Toolbox is an online home filled with your favorite life tools, wisdom, and inspiration. 

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