Our Story


It all started with our mom, Corin, who has a background in mental health counseling and a Masters degree in Education, and is the author of Matters of the Heart: A Guide to Living and Loving Your Teen Years. She made it her life's mission to raise empowered women who have a deep sense of self-worth. Now, her three daughters share that same commitment to empowering the next generation of women. 


As young women ourselves (Becca and Leah are 21-year-old twins and Hannah is 17), we’ve grown up in the age of social media. We know what it feels like to spend hours mindlessly scrolling, to be stuck in a comparison spiral, and to feel the ongoing pressure to look and be “perfect.” Womaze helps to counteract the often negative effects of social media: it’s designed to provide practical tools for navigating life.

Meet the Wiser Women

Corin Wiser, M.Ed. , Operations

Corin Wiser, M.Ed., Operations

Leah Wiser , Partnerships & Product

Leah Wiser, Partnerships & Product

Rebecca Wiser , Communications & Marketing

Rebecca Wiser, Communications & Marketing

Hannah Wiser ,   Editorial

Hannah Wiser, Editorial

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