Meet this week's curator!

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We could all use some more peace in our lives, and thankfully, this week's curator can show us how. Michelle Maros is the Editor-in-Chief of Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life, and is also a certified holistic health coach and registered yoga teacher. 

Through her writing and friendship, Michelle has become one of our greatest teachers — and now, she can be yours too! Learn more about Michelle's story below, and check out her channel to see her top tools. 


Ever since I came to this earth in the super awesome era of the mid-80’s, I’ve loved to express myself, mainly via writing. I’ve also relished connecting with people, and basically becoming best friends with everyone I meet.

After graduating from Indiana University with a Journalism degree, moving to
Chicago, working odd jobs that were in no way what I was interested in, but taught me SO much about life, I decided to start to pursuing things that actually made me happy. And weirdly enough, people thought I was crazy. Not long after quitting my corporate job, I enrolled in yoga teacher training and subsequently nutrition school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I was hungry for knowledge, and really just wanted to learn how to live the best life possible. I was tired of settling and wanted more. I learned so much in such a short amount of time and it literally made me feel better, like a happier person. I wanted to share this knowledge with everyone. As the Universe so magically works, I then started writing for an amazing non-profit Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life...